Friday, February 16, 2007

Russian words and phrases

Often for simple contact with carrier of the other language, it is necessary to know the standard phrases. That’s why I want in this post to describe several russian words and phrases necessary in everyday contact.

Hi - Privet
Hello – zdravstvujjte
Good morning - Dobroe utro
Good afternoon - Dobriy den'
Good evening - Dobry vecher
Nice to see you - Rad tebya videt
Good bye - Dasvidaniya
Bye - Poka
Excuse me – Izvinite
Please – pozhalujjsta
Can you tell me please - skazhite pozhalujjsta
Thank you – spasibo
Do you speak Russian? - vy govorite po russki ?
I don't speak Russian - ja ne govorju po russki
Dear – Dorogaya(female) , Dorogoy (male)
My sweet - Milaya moya(female) , Miliy moy (male)
I love you - Ya ljublju tebya
I do not understand - ja ne ponimaju
What's your name? - Kak Vas zovut?
My name is Mike - Menja zovut Majjk
My surname is Johnson - Moja familija Johnson
Glad to see you! - Rad vas videt'!
I have not seen you for ages! - Ja ne videl Vy celuju vechnost'!
Did I make you wait? - Davno zhdjote ?
I'm happy to see you! - Ja schastlivyjj videt' Vas!
Let me introduce my .. -Razreshite predstavit'
parents - zhena
husband - muzh
wife - jena
son - syn
daughter - doch
sister - sestra
father - otec'
mother - mat'
friend - drug
Yes - Da
No - Net
I – ya
You – ty
We – wy
She - ona
He – on
They – aoni

Numbers in Russian language.

zero nol
one odeen
two dva
three tree
four chetyre
five pjat'
six shest
seven sem‘
eight vosem’
nine devyat’
ten desyat’

Above it is simple and often used russian words and phrases. If You want I can write russian phrases about any themes, for example: travel , health , Russian words of love etc…


Miriam said...

What a cool site! I will definitely be visiting your blog in the future. Keep up the good work. ~Marija

Progres et Declin S.A. said...

Check out this blog
there are MP3 files there with phrases such as Hello, good morning etc. With English annotation and Russian phrases read by native Russian speakers

lots of useful stuff about Russian food, drink and how to order it in cafes, shops etc.
how to say let's go to cinema in Russian. MP3 audio files can be downloaded

saharok_queen said...

parents - zhena, It's not correct. Parents - roditely (родители)