Thursday, February 22, 2007

5 whales , or top russian search engines.

We all use internet. We work, enjoy, search for something interesting. And often can not find that very necessary for us at present time. So I have decided to write this post about russian search engines, ‘cos they will give you possibility to enlarge the chances to find exactly that you want to find about different russian stuffs.

Data by system – Spylog rating of popularity of russian search engines looks as follows: - 54.8267% - 21.7645% - 15.6207% - 4.5466% - 1.5788%

Good luck in your search.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Russian words and phrases

Often for simple contact with carrier of the other language, it is necessary to know the standard phrases. That’s why I want in this post to describe several russian words and phrases necessary in everyday contact.

Hi - Privet
Hello – zdravstvujjte
Good morning - Dobroe utro
Good afternoon - Dobriy den'
Good evening - Dobry vecher
Nice to see you - Rad tebya videt
Good bye - Dasvidaniya
Bye - Poka
Excuse me – Izvinite
Please – pozhalujjsta
Can you tell me please - skazhite pozhalujjsta
Thank you – spasibo
Do you speak Russian? - vy govorite po russki ?
I don't speak Russian - ja ne govorju po russki
Dear – Dorogaya(female) , Dorogoy (male)
My sweet - Milaya moya(female) , Miliy moy (male)
I love you - Ya ljublju tebya
I do not understand - ja ne ponimaju
What's your name? - Kak Vas zovut?
My name is Mike - Menja zovut Majjk
My surname is Johnson - Moja familija Johnson
Glad to see you! - Rad vas videt'!
I have not seen you for ages! - Ja ne videl Vy celuju vechnost'!
Did I make you wait? - Davno zhdjote ?
I'm happy to see you! - Ja schastlivyjj videt' Vas!
Let me introduce my .. -Razreshite predstavit'
parents - zhena
husband - muzh
wife - jena
son - syn
daughter - doch
sister - sestra
father - otec'
mother - mat'
friend - drug
Yes - Da
No - Net
I – ya
You – ty
We – wy
She - ona
He – on
They – aoni

Numbers in Russian language.

zero nol
one odeen
two dva
three tree
four chetyre
five pjat'
six shest
seven sem‘
eight vosem’
nine devyat’
ten desyat’

Above it is simple and often used russian words and phrases. If You want I can write russian phrases about any themes, for example: travel , health , Russian words of love etc…

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Review of english-russian online translaters

Each of us when is interested in other country requires translation. Even if you well know language of the studied country, you all equally should use the dictionary for that what to peep there not clear word. Below I write my own review of services for text translation.

Most simple interface and as consequence - is quickly loaded. Translation quality at great level, because Google is wide experience in information search in various languages. A convenient opportunity of translation of the necessary page being on specified url. A unique minus that you cannot be completely assured of translation because English-Russian translation from Google - in stage BETA.

Translator of one word. But that is unusually that there is an opportunity to use others slavic Languages - not only russian language.

Translates only one word, but deduces synonyms which simplify understanding of a word meaning quickly. English-russain dictionary and russian-english dictionary is based on files compiled by Stanislav Sinyagin.

This translator has two basic pluss: 1 - there is an opportunity to translate only one word, 2 - there is an opportunity at once to translate the text.

Very powerful translator. Translations offers free text translation service for English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Italian and Russian languages are possible.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Moscow: facts in numbers.

Today , my post is about the capital of Russia - Moscow. I think it will be interesting for you to know about Moscow , in numbers:

1081 km2 - an area of the Moscow
10 mln. 425 thous. - a population of the Moscow
123 regions in 10 administrative counties
4525 km - a length of all streets and pathways
249 km - a length of opened rivers
394.7 km - extent railways
278.3 km - extent line metro
161 hotels
119 markets
2 mln. 556.2 thous. personal cars
5485 buses
1603 trolley buses
896 trams
171 stations metro, 13 lines
9 railway stations
4 aeroports
132 movie-theatres
93 theatres
61 museums
434 libraries
496 gardens and parks
1 zoo
137 embassies
9.9 mlrd.$ - an export in 2005
32.1 mlrd.$ - an import in 2005
202 pools
63 stadiums
222 High Schools
1633 Secondary schools
77 colleges
246 hospitals
1584 polyclinics
19 puerperal house

It is data for 2006.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

10 facts about Russian flag

1. The Day of the state flag in Russia - an August 22.

2. Russian flag colors: white , blue , red. For the first time this combination colour was used for the first russian warship "Eagle", which was built in 1667-1668. In 1693 white-blue-red was already official flag of Moscow’s Tsar. Petr I has done its flag of the Russian fleet.

3.Russian flag color meaning: White colour means the liberty, blue - Virgin mary (Bogoroditsa), which yore protects to Russia, red - derjavnost'. On the other versions, the white colour meant the nobility, blue - probity, but red - boldness and generosity, inherent russian people. But Modern russian tricolor has not an official interpretation of importance that or other colour.

4. Russian flag of 1914 year:

5. Flag of the Russian SFSR (Soviet Federative Socialist Republic), 1954-1991:

6. USSR(Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) Flag. (Soviet flag)

7. Military sea flag USSR

8. On article 329 UK RF(Penal Code of Russian Federation) outrage on National emblems of the Russian Federation or State flag to Russian Federation is punished by restriction of the liberty for period before two years, or arrest for period from three before poles of the months, or deprivation of the liberty for period before one year.

9. The Largest Russian flag is lifted up in Kremlin(Moscow,Russia) - its size three on four metres.

10. Lifetime of the flag at Kremlin approximately 2-3 months. Flag is powerfully abrades in rainy particularly and wind's weather, but quickly fades in year fervour accordingly.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Russian alphabet.

First of all, the alphabet. Alphabet is the first page of any language. In russian language there are 33 letters. In russian alphabet there are 6 vowels letters and 10 vowels sounds. (In English vowels six letters).
Below, I present a list of Russian characters and their English counterparts. This is “translit”. It is often used by Russian computer users in the event of errors associated with computer text code.

RUS(Big letter) --- RUS(Small letter) --- ENG ---ENG2

А --- а --- a --- a

Б --- б--- b --- b

В --- в --- v --- v

Г --- г --- g --- g

Д --- д --- d --- d

Е --- е --- ye --- e

Ё --- ё --- yo --- yo

Ж --- ж --- zh --- zh

З --- з --- z --- z

И --- и --- i --- i

Й --- й --- j --- j

К --- к --- k --- k

Л --- л --- l --- l

М --- м --- m --- m

Н --- н --- n --- n

О --- о --- o --- o

П --- п --- p --- p

Р --- р --- r --- r

С --- с --- s --- s

Т --- т --- t --- t

У --- у --- u --- u

Ф --- ф --- ph --- f

Х --- х --- kh --- h

Ц --- ц --- ts --- c

Ч --- ч --- ch --- ch

Щ --- щ --- sh --- chw

Ш --- ш --- sh --- sh

Ъ --- ъ --- ` --- ~

Ы --- ы --- y --- y

Ь --- ь --- '

Э --- э --- e --- e

Ю --- ю --- ju --- yu

Я --- я --- ja --- ya

Translit can help you to read russian text by the fact that there is a clear gender letters Russian language and the letters of the English language.
For example, the phrase: “I wrote a message in my blog about translit” in translit: “Ja napisal soobshchyeniye v moyom blogye na tyemu translita”. Thus, a Russian text of this post you also can read in translit:

Alphavit - eto pyervyj list ljubogo jazyka. V russkom jazykye 33 bukvy. V russkom jazykye 10 glasnykh bukv i 6 glasnykh zvukov.(V anglijskom jazykye 6 glasnykh bukv i 22 zvuka). Nizhye , ja privozhu spisok russkikh bukv i ikh anglijskikh analogov. Eto translit . On chasto ispol'zuyetsja russkimi pol'zovatyeljami komp'jutyera v sluchaye oshibok svjazannykh s kodirovokami tyeksta.
Vam , translit , mozhyet pomogat' chitat' russkij tyekst, za schyot togo chto yest' chyotkoye ravyenstvo bukv russkogo jazyka i bukv anglijskogo jazyka. Naprimyer , phraza: Ja napisal soobshchyeniye v moyom blogye na tyemu translita.

Just not forgotten, below , I post russian alphabet with writing letters, that can help you read russian writing , russian letters from your russian friends , or Russian brides :)

PS : next post I plan to devote introductory lectures about the country of russian language – about Russia, the Russian flag, figures and facts of this country.